From an early age, Jamie was drawn to wild nature. Her photography reflects the patterns, flows and organic forms of the natural world. For many years she has wandered mountain paths with her camera, moving mindfully through the landscape and allowing it to reveal its beauty and artistry. Whether in an expanse of sky, a tangle of roots, or an exquisite swirl of frozen stream, her unique vision captures a living moment and shares with the viewer her excitement and awe.

Jamie spent her childhood on a farm in Kansas where she spent more time climbing trees and riding horses than watching TV. A move to the Bitterroot Valley at age 16 opened her eyes to the mountain west and its magnificence. An accomplished horsewoman, she traveled the canyons and trails and guided out-of-state visitors for a few years. Over time, it was the footpaths which called to her, and camera in hand, she began to wander.

Jamie’s journeys currently originate from her home in Missoula.

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